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Feminine Hygiene: How to use a Vaginal Douche Bulb

Using a vaginal douche is not as difficult as you might think. The process is something any woman can do in just a few easy steps: Check your vaginal douche bulb and make sure that it is clean. For good measure, you might want to consider submerging it overnight in lukewarm water before use. Fill the douche bulb with lukewarm water or the enema solution of your choice (coffee, saline enema and more).

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Douche bulb — not just what you call an unsavory person. It’s a reusable rubber bulb with a nozzle on the end that’s inserted into the rectum. You can fill it with water or another safe ...

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Bulb Douche – The most common type of Douche, and probably the cheapest and easiest to use. They are normally 2-piece kits – a squeezable bulb (usually made from rubber or silicone) into which you insert a nozzle. You fill the bulb with warm water and then insert into the anus, and squeeze the bulb to allow the water to enter.

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Lube the tip of your douche and your anus before inserting the tip roughly two or three centimeters inside your rectum. Gently squeeze the water until your rectum feels full.

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A douche bulb may be used to cleanse the rectum. Disposable douching supplies are available in most pharmacies. Replacement douche bulbs can also be found at the pharmacy. Many online stores offer discount prices and discreet shipping packages directly to the residence of the person ordering the douche bulb.

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Insert the entire bulb tip into the anus. Gently squeeze the bulb’s contents into your rectum. Remove both the tip and the bulb, and then immediately expel the mixture of douche solution and waste into the toilet or down the shower drain. Repeat steps if necessary.

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Typically, he says, people will buy an enema, dump the solution, fill the bulb with sink water, and then use that to douche. While fine for occasional use, "tap water is not the same pH as the canal," according to Dr. Goldstein. So frequent use (more than twice a week) can mess with the anal microbiome and wear away at the lining of the anal canal

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If you’re using a Bulb Head Douche, be careful not to let go of the squeezed bulb while it’s still inside your ass. Otherwise it’ll pull the water back into the douche. This is known as ...

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Fill the squeeze bottle or douche pouch with the solution. Follow the directions on the box to do this, or simply pour the solution into the squeeze bottle. If all the solution doesn’t fit, fill it as high as you are able and then add the rest later.

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A douche can take ten minutes to a half hour; an enema can take several hours to complete. Enemas more typically use saline than water, since there’s more risk of upsetting your electrolyte balance if you do an enema with just water.